Today for a better tomorrow

Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.


 – APJ Abdul Kalam




I had one of the rare experiences in life with my brother-in-law as we were chatting about life in reflectionof the interview I had at a local radio station. 

In his words he said, “these little ones must not live the same kind of life we had,  we should give them the best and inspire them to become better than us.”

I couldn’t agree more than just to let myself being inspired wth such words. 



A lot of us we never got to live the childhood we desired or wished,  to some extent it was not because our parents didn’t want to provide such but it was lack of resources and to some extent lack of knowledge. Though I have seen than there is no parent who would want their own children to achieve as them they want more. 

Today I want you to know that we are all responsible to the kind of future our children or little brothers and sisters will have. 


The greatest sacrifices you can make today to build a better future for them is to start believing in them,  make time for them to appreciate and encourage them,  making serious effort to find ways to inspire them to become great in whatever good they desire to be in life .  It’s not only things that do require money alone that you have to sacrifice to make a better future for them. There are two things I want someone to know,  you are a role model to any kid that see you,  sacrifice your ego and maintain your integrity.



*It starts now and with you*