Your Purpose creates respect for you

Your Purpose creates respect for you

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I am a young man who thought that you can only be successful when you are above the age of 30. Little did I know that no matter your age you can still be successful in your path and journey of writing life.  The places I have been has showed me the power of living your purpose. A lot of people seek to be the given respect and honour by others not knowing the real deal they end up demanding it.



The worst scenarios is when one tells you , how you should respect or give them respect.  I have come to understand that you don’t need to demand respect and honour it is something you earn by creating it through your actions in relation to living your purpose.

Your relevance is  birthed when you get to a point of seeking more to live your purpose and improving your life’s impact quality.



The thing I picked as I was introduced last week at one of the Inspirational talk ,  once you persue your purpose to live it,  it will create for you a certain level of respect and recognition from those that you look up to and those that look up to you as well. You have to earn your respect and honour by doing which creates it for you.

The most amazing experience was to realise that the one’s who taught us are actually sitting down listening and affirming to the wisdom and knowledge I was sharing.


If you want to have other people’s respect. .then live in your purpose and do your best



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