So last night just  before I went to bed bumped into a video which gripped me with its title.  As I watched it for the first time I was so sceptical about it but by the end of it I was convinced once you are still breathing you have a chance to win in life.

So a 62 year old woman went to audition for at the BRITAIN HAS GOT TALENT show and at her first attempt she was made to stop singing before she could even reach the 2nd bar by one of the judges .  Everyone in the building was shocked and even the other three judges didn’t understand why.  She was asked to perform another song,  then she sang Natural woman and the rest was another different story.



I couldn’t resist to repeat it,   as I repeated it,  I was greatly inspired that no matter your past failures,  age or disappointments you still have a chance to win in life.  The most amazing thing about life is, you can actually become the success you want to be as long you have breathe in you .

At most instances we stop living while we still have breathe in us,  we put certain amount of limitations to our lives because we have failed or the world has concluded that as well.




Now is the time to rise up and persue your dream no matter how your past makes you look or the current level you are at hinder you to achieve something worth mentioning of yourself . If you can read this message I am talking to you. YES!  I MEAN YOU.  Don’t miss the joy of being called successful in what you do,  you still have a chance,  your first attempt wasn’t good enough but I am standing here to give you another chance to win your life’s dreams



*”Another chance is what you have if decide not to give up on life.  Don’t just exist . Live”.* -Frankinspire



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