Make it work

Make it work




 “The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.” – Steve Harvey


I sat down looking into life deeply to see what really makes people different in being a good success story. The greatest thing we all need to know that dreaming is totally free to anyone who wants to. We all can be dreamers in  a way,  no matter how your background looks or the level of your knowledge,  or the kind of money in your bank account (that is if you have it some don’t even have one ).


Dreams can’t be bought,  you can just dream to be anything you want to be.  Though I want to touch on this,  since dreams are free that doesn’t mean everything is free.  What makes the real difference between a dream and a real dream is the willingness of one to see it come to reality.  No one will ever make your dream come true,  you ought to work and hustle yourself up and around to really enjoy the benefits of free dreaming. 


I have always dreamed to be a person of influence and do something different to impact someone’s life,  but I had to work around, living and equipping myself to grow in my dream. There are a  lot of sacrifices I had to take,  I had to put myself out there so that the free dream begins to work for me.  The only reason why we have different results of our dreams,  is the willingness and actions we take to make it into a reality. If you are not ready to pay the price then keep on fantasising. 


Be the maker of your dream..






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