if not you? Then who ?

if not you? Then who ?


In the last two days I have been trying to find out more on what makes one to get one’s uniqueness polished. A lot of times we speak about self esteem,  as we term it to be a vital component of one’s uniqueness.  There are certain point in life where one way or the other you get to go through a phase of low self esteem.


No matter how confident one can be there are times when they hit the ground and somehow one’s self esteem is challenged.  It’s a real challenge to some to get back to a point of high self-esteem , they will never rise.  Today I  want to give you a tool to use when you get to a point of low self esteem.  One thing you need to understand is your self esteem needs to be maintained so that you keep your head up high.




Learn to appreciate yourself – often people think that having appreciation coming from other people is what makes them feel valued.  Yes it is,  though it will only be of value if you appreciate yourself as well.  Nothing can stop a person who appreciate themselves,  because they know they can and are capable of being the best.  Learn to appreciate your uniquely designed self daily. This will guarantee you that each time your esteem  falls  you will rise and bring back the confidence in yourself



You are unique , love and                             appreciate it.  If not you then who.


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