Results, a fruit of your expectations

Results, a fruit of your expectations

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You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.

 – Micheal Jordan



The human mind was created in a way that is unique, complex but simply can be understood when you put the effort to. As long as your mind is corrupt and not in the right state your life will be a mess.  Allowing your mind to expect things,  gives it the power to create something that will be seen with one’s course of  action and results the end. 



Fantasy and expectations are two different things,  as fantasies will only take you to a place where there is no reasonable action to be taken to get there.  Once you start setting high expectations to your path and goals,  it will create a force from within you to push towards achieving such. A lot of times we think it will just happen without putting any effort to ensure the unknown results. 



You will only do or act accordingly to the level of your expectations,  never anticipate to win if you don’t expect to win. See it before the world does,  empower yourself with the right intent of expectations of your life, the power is yours.  You will only reach to the level of what you expect of yourself and journey.



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